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Welcome to the first community dedicated to the relationship between Shim Changmin and Kim Junsu of the Korean acapella dance group Dong Bang Shin Ki.

This comm is open to shipping in any form of these two boys and only these two boys. Whether you're a hardcore MinSu fan or someone just getting into the pairing, you're welcome to join.

Also be sure to check out minsuaday for your daily dose of MinSu love.

Mods: butterflyweb and shinja_nija

oo1. Posts should be relevant to the subject at hand -- ie the MinSu pairing.
oo2. Tag and rate all entries appropriately (Tagging and Rating Policies)
oo3. Place picspams, large amounts of text, and large images under a cut (one or two teasers allowed).
oo4. Type so that people can easily understand you. No sTiCkY cApS. They are annoying, as you can see. And not everyone follows chatspeak, either.
oo5. Please be courteous and polite to all members. Contact the mod if you have a problem with another member. Let's keep it peaceful here.
oo6. Our advertisement policy and what is allowed goes as follows:
A) mention of what communities you x-post at
B) directing others to other communities in comments
C) ad posts so long as you contact me first about it and the subject is relevant
oo7 No F-Locking. Please link to an unlocked entry of your fic, or post to the comm itself and lock it there.
oo8. Fics posted in this community must have MinSu, not only as the predominant pairing, but also as a closed pairing. i.e. posting a fic with MinSu as a part of a threesome, foursome or ot5 (ex. YooMinSu, JaeSuMinHo, etc.) will not be allowed. If these kind of fics are seen, authors will be given 24-hour notice and if they do not remove the fic, it will be deleted.

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